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Panic Attack

by | 28th, June 2005

‘GIVEN the latest round of stories about Princess Diana, it’s little wonder Prince Harry has punched the alarm button. It can’t be easy having tales of your deceased mum splashed over the newspapers, having to read how she shagged this one and that one and dabbled in drugs.

But when Harry slapped the panic button that sits by his bed at Sandhurst Army academy, he did so not out of frustration and pain but by way of an accident.

But once triggered, as the Mail says, the barracks jumped into life. The alarm sounded and within seconds a team of six Gurkha soldiers, armed to the teeth, appeared in Harry’s quarters.

Then, according to a source, around another half a dozen bodyguards turned up with pistols.

Amazingly most of Harry’s would-be saviours were bona fide soldiers and not undercover journalists armed with bits of plastercine explosive and pens that could fire a death ray beam if adapted in a secret way you can read about on the internet.

Nor was one of the people in Harry’s room called Chelsy Davy. Harry’s blonde has flown in from Cape Town to share some quality time with her man.

But she’ll have to wait to see the prince until next weekend, which Harry has off. Unless, of course, he can think of a way to get a new body into his room.

Oops! There goes that panic alarm again…’

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