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Multi-Layered Talent

by | 30th, June 2005

‘STARS who make their names in one field are often heard moaning about how hard it is to be seen as credible in another.

Kym’s hair is available for weddings

But talent will out, and it is with unbridled enthusiasm we salute and applaud the cross-over artiste supreme, Kym Marsh.

Having tacked and conquered pop, musicals and motherhood, Marsh is now endeavouring to master the world of hair dos.

So it’s with no little fanfare and a rare degree of pomp we salute Kym Marsh and her “new luscious locks”.

But Kym did not get where she is today on her own. And, in the truest traditions of showbusiness, Kym attributes some of her hair success to her aides, the fabulous extensions.

“I love them,” coos Kym. “My hair was so short before.” Although not short on talent. Kym’s hair just needed a boost in the right direction, some guidance to shove it along the path to glory.

And you an all take a lingering look at Kym’s new talent when it appears in a guest role on BBC1’s daytime soap Doctors, an “exciting new development in her acting career”.’

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