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Plenty To Shout! About

by | 4th, July 2005

‘HAVING spent a large chunk of the Hello! budget on the Owen wedding, Hello! still needs to fill some pages in its esteemed publication.

Still shouting

Adverts for printers, hydrating lotion and low-fat spread are steady showbiz staples but they do lack a certain pizzazz.

So hats off to Lulu who made herself available for interview and a chance for Hello! to tell us what the singer’s been up to since she stormed into the charts with Shout! in 1964.

Well, she’s been singing Shout!, screaming “W-e-e-e-e-eeelll” on just about every TV and radio show there’s ever been. And having the time of her life.

“Yes, I’m having the time of my life,” says Lulu (told you). “I feel so lucky.”

So lucky she could Shout!. And luckier still when Elton John invited her to tour with him. “I went. ‘Wha-a-a-at?’ Because he’s the greatest.”

“When I’d be doing my vocal exercise before the show – I’d do 45 minutes each night,” says Lulu, “he’d be banging on the dressing-room wall shouting at me.”

You made him want to Shout!? “I can’t possibly repeat what he says, it’s just too rude. No, I can’t… it’s unprintable.” But is it unshoutable?

W-e-e-e-e-elll, maybe…

Paul Sorene’

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