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The Woldu Emotion

by | 4th, July 2005

‘THE Star is not known for its insightful reporting on global events, unless it involves a football tournament or a wet thong contest in Faliraki.

One million…

But today even it waves its motherf****** hands in the air and waves them like it just doesn’t care for African poverty.

There are six pages of Live 8 news coverage in the paper, including a vital few words from 19-year-old Kerry who was so enraptured, excited and touched by Saturday’s events she sat in front of her telly all day…in her knickers.

The Sun’s 24-year-old Zoe did much the same, although her take on the biggest rally for Africa (“Madonna was amazing”) is somewhat overshadowed by the paper’s front-page picture of Bob Geldof cuddling “famine survivor” Birhan Woldu.

The Sun says how it flew Birhan, who was shown “close to death” on TV in 1985, from Ethiopia to London. And then interviewed her.

There we find out that Birhan, whose story is surely an inspiration to many, not only made it on stage but also met the great and good.

There are photos of Birhan with Joss Stone, Madonna and the Beckhams and Brad Pitt, who is said to have “cuddled” her backstage. Birhan says Brad has “very kind eyes”.

While elements of the press will see this as signs of a fledgling romance, wonder how Jennifer Aniston will react to such a story and use a computer graphic’s package to mock up pictures of what any Pitt-Woldu children would look like, the Mail sticks to the big story.

No, not poverty – although “The haves and the have nots” is an insightful comment on life within the Hype Park celebrity-rich Golden Circle – but the awful f****** swearing.

It seems that some of the watching masses couldn’t bare the spectacle and more than 350 of them called the BBC to complain about the language.

What Tim Henman had begun a week or so earlier at Wimbledon with some teatime expletives, Madonna was continuing.

As the Mail’s “swearing log” tells us, Madonna wanted to know if London was f****** ready”. On the same bill, American rapper Snoop Dogg was being a noisy “motherf*****””.

Razorlight’s lead singer Johnny Borrell urged the crowd to sign the f****** petition”. Bono used the “f-word” in his opening salvo. And Green Day shouted, “Come on f****** Deutschland” at aghast fans in Berlin.

Shocking stuff.

But Dr Adrian Rogers, head of the Family Focus group has a solution. “If these performers donated £1million to poverty in Africa every time they swore in public the problem would be wiped away in no time.”

And an African despot would be a lot f****** richer…

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