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In The Family

by | 4th, July 2005

‘WHEN you’ve been to one global pop concert for Africa, you’ve been to them all.

Not a carbuncle

And 20 years on from his seat at Live Aid, Prince Charles was putting the world to rights in the saddle at a polo tournament in Ascot.

The Sun’s single hack and snapper not employed to cover proceedings at Hype Park was despatched to deepest Berkshire and ordered to get the big story.

And a huge story it is. As the paper says, Charles met Prince’s Harry’s girlfriend, the blonde Chelsy Davy, and welcomed her into the family fold with a kiss on the cheek.

At which point we’d like to assure Chelsy that ‘The Firm’ is not some British arm of the Mafia, for which such a kiss may be a precursor to something other than an invite to Christmas lunch, and her life is not in any danger.

Paul Sorene’

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