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Just The Ticket

by | 5th, July 2005

‘“YOU can’t park there, sir,” comes the voice from beneath the peaked cap. “It’s a no waiting zone.”

‘And this is me giving a ticket to Michael Barrymore’

Your jaw drops. You point out to the traffic warden that this is where you live and he’s about to ticket your house. But, granted it is on a double yellow line, and so…”

But there is a fine line between being officious and just plain cheating.

A study by the school of public policy at Birmingham University has fond that not all traffic wardens are up to the job. Really.

The report finds “heavy-handed” enforcement is rubbing drivers up the wrong way. Many local authorities are “prepared to alienate and frustrate citizens and traders alike through the zealous enforcement of parking regulation.”

But why? Are wardens born to the task or do they become pedantic, aggressive little Hitlers the second they’re handed a potable ticket machine.

The report says it’s a matter of incentive – paying wardens a typical rate of £5.50 a hour means there are “difficulties in attracting sufficient people of the right calibre”.

Not so around Anorak Towers where wardens are uniformly brilliant, blessed with the wisdom of Solomon and terribly good looking.

As they will be in five minutes, when we’ve got back from speaking to the parking ombudsman…

Paul Sorene’

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