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by | 6th, July 2005

‘WHEN David Beckham speaks, dogs large and small prick up their ears and listen attentively.

Boy in the hood

And so does Tony Blair, who, as the Mirror says in “OLYMBCKS”, has enlisted the support of the star footballer to add a certain celebrity shine to London’s bid to host the 2012 Olympic Games.

So Dave’s in Singapore with the rest of team London, striving to for do for London sport what the Millennium Dome did for the city’s culture.

And yesterday Dave was getting ready for today’s pitch to the IOC’s members by changing his outfit three times.

And no, Dave didn’t begin the day’s dress rehearsal in a pair of high-thigh runner’s shorts, before changing into his swimming trunks and then a gymnast’s leotard.

Rather, he opted for a suit and tie, a blue hooded tracksuit, as favoured by G8 protesters and happy slappers, and a “bizarre” shiny white shell suit, a kind of easy-clean version of the jailbird’s white paper number.

Meanwhile, over in the Sun, Dave has been momentarily released from his duties of making some tarted up wasteland in East London look glossy and the last word in sporting chic to speak to the Sun.

Indeed, so vital is Dave to the Olympic bid that the paper has given him his own column.

Illustrated by a picture of Dave’s head superimposed before a House of Parliament lit up by the five Olympic rings in firework form, Dave gets ready and steady to give it his all.

And he’s sharply out of the blocks, noting how it’s not every day you get the chance to have the Olympics in your country, never mind round the bend from where you were born.

This is personal. “I have got friends with children growing up in the East End and they have said to me that to have the Olympics in our manor would be a special thing,” says Dave.

So Dave would be happy. His friends would be happy. Hey, his friends’ children would be happy. So let’s back the bid.

The East End needs a new Aquatics Centre, a velodrome and an Olympic Village, or a pond, an indoor market and a refugee holding bay, as they will come to be known locally…

Paul Sorene’

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