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Clowning Around

by | 6th, July 2005

‘USUALLY when a helicopter is seen high above Gleneagles it’s just delivering Prince Andrew for another round of golf.

Available for protests and children’s parties

But the Chinook helicopters flying over the small village of Auchterarder, which borders the Mecca of golf bores, are something still more sinister.

The aircraft are on the look out for trouble, anything that may disturb the G8 summit at the Gleneagles Hotel. For added support, there’s an airship, which, as the Times says, is taking surveillance pictures of the community below.

And it’s a place where the peace has been shattered. If it’s not the hum of choppers overhead, it’s the sound of hammering as workmen board up the town’s Lloyds Pharmacy.

Yesterday, a large part of the village was evacuated after a hoodie told the authorities that a bomb had been planted at the local Back of Scotland branch.

That was a hoax, and not one the likes of local resident Margot cares for.

“I’m just desperate to see the end of this now,” she tells the Times. “It’s stupid idiots like this, making bomb hoaxes, that are ruining our lives.”

She goes on: “If you ask me the summit should have been held at Chequers, where there’s better security and it would have cost a lot less. They could have given the extra money to Africa.”

Clearly being close to the big political debate has not helped Margot get a grasp on the problem. And we’re happy she was not asked. Giving money to Africa’s poor is no more sensible than holding the G8 meeting in the impoverished continent and giving its tourist industry a boost.

But Margot’s is not a lone voice, and in the Telegraph she’s joined by Bob Geldof. He brands some of the protesters “a bunch of losers”.

He laughs at the so-called anarchist clowns who want to tilt the world on its axis by “standing on top of park benches and hitting police”.

Bob has a point. But every revolution has to begin somewhere. Some start with Bono, Snoop Dogg and George Michael – so why not clowns?

Paul Sorene’

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