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Just Desserts

by | 7th, July 2005

‘“PASS the Louis Roederer Quartet NV, Silvio. Over here with the aubergine caviar, Jacques. Come on, fair’s fair, that’s your seventeenth spoonful.”

‘It’s a Womble’

And so another night of G8 wining, dining and speed dating gets underway.

But while the great and good tuck into the finest produce Scotland can provide (it’s deep-fried Mars bars for afters, Gerhard), there is some heartening news for anti-capitalist protesters feasting on lentil kebabs.

While the Times publishes the G8 menu, the Telegraph says that almost all chilled food served as leisure events fall foul of basic hygiene standards.

Every meal save one sampled by a team from Which? magazine at events including the Cheltenham Gold Cup, the Ideal Home Show and an Antiques fair at the Newark County showground, Notts, were in breach of health guidelines.

Feast on the listeria in the smoked salmon sandwiches. Get your laughing gear round the e.coli in a crepe. Chomp on your chicken caesar salad with a tangy dash of staphylococcus.

Simply delicious.

And then take another look as George Bush sinks his teeth into Marrbury smoked salmon with roasted langoustine and herb salad.

And contemplate a sudden regime change…

Paul Sorene’

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