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Kerry’s Prior(it)y

by | 8th, July 2005

‘KERRY Katona’s passage into eternal D-list fame continues apace this week as she achieves the goal of many a celebrity wannabe and checks into The Priory.

Get thee to The Priory

For those of you not in the know, The Priory is a clinic on the outskirts of London where celebs go when they want some id and ego time.

The clinic functions as a staging post on the celebrity journey to the Holy Grail of everlasting fame that is presenting a gig on day-time telly.

The path to enlightenment begins early, taking in conception in a swanky city hotel followed by a birth at London’s Portland Hospital.

It then meanders into a Messer ‘n’ Tuck’s surgery, takes in a stint at The Priory and finally ends up in a studio at a satellite TV channel that’s every bit as hard to locate as the most exclusive club.

So here’s Kerry talking to OK! about how she’s on the “road to recovery”.

As she explains: “The reason I have been in The Priory is that I have been overdoing things more than anything.”

She goes on: “You know what I’m like [see your Diary] – and despite all the advice from people, I have been running around at 100 miles an hour and it really caught up with me.”

Good of Kerry to get things off her new chest. But what about those newspaper stories of her depression and cocaine taking?

“All the stories in the newspapers and magazines in recent weeks have not helped,” says she, “but the main problem has been with me overdoing things.”

But without newspapers and magazines how would we who come to worship at celebrity’s door know what Kerry was up to? Without these organs could we have sent her letters, phone calls and flowers of good will?

And it’s a good thing we did, because, as Kerry says, “It has cheered me up no end to see them all”. Not that she was depressed in the first place – just tired from trying to stay famous…’

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