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An Unbearable Wait

by | 11th, July 2005

‘THE Telegraph is right, the London bombs did add a poignancy to yesterday’s celebration to mark the 60th anniversary of the end of the Second World War.

Not a typical Muslim

“We will remember them,” says the headline. And we will. But who were the victims of the London bombs?

As the Times’s leader says, the “cruellest part of the aftermath of Thursday’s carnage is the long wait for the families and friends of the missing”.

It must be a terrible ordeal. Not knowing. Hoping for good news, but somewhere inside realising that the best you can expect to find is a body to bury and mourn over.

The Times hears one expert say that the grim task of identifying 49 individuals from the various bits of human flesh and bone is like compiling a “giant jigsaw”.

It’s an awful job made yet more complicated by the fact that the dead may include at least one of bombers, who were likely to be carrying fake identification cards. And then there are the red herrings.

Having witnessed the depths to which humanity can descend, it’s sadly none too surprising to learn that some people try to profit from such devastation.

Debtors often use big disasters to try and disappear. Apparently, three people arranged for themselves to be reported as passengers when the Herald of Free Enterprise sank off the Belgian coast in 1993, killing 193.

And the paper says that if the body of a terrorist if among the human wreckage, their relatives may be reluctant to come forward to claim it.

And you can forgive them for that. Muslims are seeking to distance themselves from the murderous acts of a few bastards, – not to claim the perpetrators for their own…

Paul Sorene’

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