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Basket Case

by | 11th, July 2005

‘WHILE the UK’s security services battle to ensure the health and safety to the population at large, Somerset County Council is doing its bit to help the fight.

Hanging’s too good for them

As the Times reports, the council sees danger everywhere – like the hanging baskets and flower pots at the Ring of Bells pub in Norton Fitzwarren.

Overlooking the most obvious danger the petunias, begonias and Busy Lizzie’s pose to hayfever suffers and Anthrophobiacs, the council says the floral arrangements may cause actual physical harm.

The council considers that the tubs are too big for the pavement and the baskets are too low – they hang below the 8.2ft minimum height rule.

This thinking is that people will be dazzled by the brilliant sprays of pink, blue, white and yellow blooms, walk into the tubs and then smash their heads on the baskets.

So, despite wining the award for Prettiest Village Pub in the borough of Taunton Dean four times, there will no flowers this year.

As Jan Hookings, a spokeswoman for the council, explains: “This is a very narrow stretch of road… To allow planting that might cause pedestrians to step into the carriageway and sustain a serious injury would mean the council was falling short of its responsibility of ensuring public safety.”

And since the flowers are a menace, a clear and present danger, they have to go. And if the bees can leave with them, so much the better…’

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