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Copy Cat Fight

by | 13th, July 2005

‘SUN readers must be disappointed that the terrorists came from Yorkshire.

As original as air

Such news pushes all other things out of the way, including the return of Page 3.

After yesterday’s flash of knickers-clad buttock from leggy Kate, readers who like their news brief and in briefs expected more today.

But there are no naked stunnas. Indeed, the only things on offer are one picture of Charlotte Church bending forward to show us her cleavage and another of pop tart and wannabe footballer’s wife Cherly Tweedy posing in a low-cut top.

Why the girls are in the paper is obvious. But the big news, behind their seductive smiles and vapid looks, is that Cheryl has accused Charlotte of copying the Girls Aloud, the Spice Girls tribute act of which Cheryl is a member.

Speaking on the radio, Cheryl says her group are developing their music, taking it from screechy girl pop to a more mature screechy girl pop in a change of tact of which Ellen MacArthur would be proud.

And, as a source says, she thinks Charlotte’s new album is a “carbon copy” of a lot of the Girls Aloud material.

So we played it, and then listened to the Girls Aloud collection. And yes, there is one key similarity: both made our ears bleed.

It’s not too off the mark to call Charlotte and Cheryl musical terrorists, or bombers, as the BBC would have it…’

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