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Fashionably Late

by | 14th, July 2005

‘EVER wondered what happened to Lauryn Hill, the singer who underwent a miseducation?

Ready or not?

The Mail has. And last night it caught up with the singer in her dressing room as she prepared to go on stage at the London Coliseum.

While 2,300 fans took their seats for the 8pm performance, Hill prepared.

At around 9pm, the audience was more than ready to be entertained – but not by a bow-tied official who took to the stage to say that the star had been delayed by heavy traffic and would be on stage…soon.

Soon came. Soon went. The crowd stayed. But at 10:40 on the dot, the former Fugees singer was standing by the microphone.

“I have a problem with procrastination,” said she. “I have a great deal of difficulty deciding what to wear – it’s a woman thing.”

Oh, a woman thing, eh. Say no more. We’re with you. No man would want to intrude on that mystery any further.

And all women know that even with a wardrobe assistant, a stylist, a dresser and a legion of advisors, primpers and pamperers, getting the right look can be a bind.

And what a look it was. The Mail has a picture of the creation Hill finally chose. It’s a kind of Patsy Cline meets Dolly Parton in a dark alley and then has a nasty accident with EastEnders’ Pat.

And a guitar…

Paul Sorene’

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