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Oh Brother!

by | 14th, July 2005

‘“FANS were shocked when it was reported that Big Brother stars Michele Bass and Stuart Wilson had split after a massive row,” write OK!.

Remember them?

Not all fans per se, of course. Fans of Manchester City football club and ardent supports of Maureen from TV’s Driving School are carrying on as normal. For them, life goes on. Hey, it might even have gotten better.

It’s just fans of Stuart and Michelle who are dumbstruck that a) Stu and Michelle have fans plural; b) the pair are no more; and c) OK! chooses to break this news when we are still feeling raw after Maxwell’s departure from the Big Brother house.

But when the shock abates, questions need to be raised. How can it be that when they choosing engagement rings a few months ago, they are now apart?

Why have the couple, as their agent says, been going through a “rough patch”? Something he adds that “every couple does” – but not Cheryl and Ashley, for obvious reasons.

And after the questions comes the healing, and the news that Stuart, who moved out of Michelle’s house, is now back in Michelle’s house, “where they are working things out”.

What things? Who gets the microwave? Who gets the blame? Who gets to tell the fanclub…’

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