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We Are Praying

by | 15th, July 2005

‘AFTER everyone else has had their say and the dust has settled, the celebrities will tell us how 7/7 affected their lives, forcing them think afresh about their new single and what outfit they were going to wear to the British Soap Awards.

Taller than most, Penny feels closer to God

It will take a while to come, but come it will. And if you doubt it take a look at the Mail, which brings news from the life of Rod Stewart.

“Now Rod’s found God,” says the headline. And Rod’s pregnant fiancée, Penny Lancaster, says that Rod is a changed man.

While we look forward to a lyric that rhymes Rod with God, and a possible debut with Cliff Richard on the BBC’s Songs of Praise, Penny tells the world about Rod’s moment of epiphany.

“I think 9/11 was quite a turning point in our lives as it was after the tragedy that we began frequenting church a lot,” says she. “Whenever we were on tour, if there was a church and the doors were open we’d go in and have a prayer.”

Good on yer. But what did Penny pray for in those moments of soul searching.

World peace? And end to hunger. That God would add His voice to the pop chorus and say “No!” to poverty? Er… “One thing I’d pray about was to ask that Rod would see that I was true and real.”

And..? “What I didn’t realise was that Rod was praying for just the same thing.” Wow! It’s like something spiritual. “It’s drawn a strong spiritual bond between us.”

It seems that prayer really works. Which should bring no small comfort to the victims of last week’s attack and their friends and relatives, although not to the praying terrorists and their sympathisers, obviously…

Paul Sorene’

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