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Message In A Bottle

by | 18th, July 2005

‘NOT only is a box of wine the last word in dinner party chic, but it may just save the planet.

Smells like revenge

The Telegraph reports that our love of European wine means that hundreds of thousands of empty bottles collected for recycling are building up.

And because there is not enough demand for recycled glass, the “glass mountains” will continue to grow.

The remedy is either to stop recycling or form the bottles into pieces of furniture and greenhouses.

Or you could just start cultivating your own vineyard and use the bottles as receptacles for your cheeky Chateau Melton Mowbray 2005.

As the paper says, there is a growing market for the home-grown stuff; British wine is selling well. Just the other day, 2,148 bottles of English and Welsh wine were ordered by European Union officials.

Britain is using its six-month EU presidency to champion British food. So, at a cost of £118,000 to the EU budget, bottles of Camel Valley Brut from Cornwall and Chapeldown pinot noir have been placed on the menu.

These will form part of an act of “revenge” on President Chirac for rubbishing British cuisine. As the paper says, Chirac will be served British dishes and UK wine each time he comes to Brussels.

It seems that revenge is a dish best served at room temperature…from a box…’

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