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Spins Of The Flesh

by | 25th, July 2005

‘IT’S a tentative step towards normality but after the return of Page 3 was delayed by more London bombers, the Sun introduces the world to Charlotte Church’s right breast and, if you stare hard enough, an accompanying hint of nipple.

We are not afraid

Well done the Sun is showing the world that it’s not afraid to carry on in the face of so much terror.

And well done too to Church, who defiantly serves up her breast as a warning to all terrorists and religious fundamentalists who would have women trussed up in shapeless burkas. She for one will not be cowed.

And other papers are joining in the hunt for game meat.

Over in the Mail, with no sign of Liz Hurley to ogle, the paper travels up to Hampstead, London, and catches TV host Richard Madeley topless and wheeling his bike across a road.

The paper looks at Madeley’s “admirably trim body” and notes how he “can’t resist sharing it with the rest of the world”.

“He has got excellent muscle definition and puts lots of men half his age to shame,” says a captivated observer, “although he seems to have a small paunch.”

Or a Judy Finnegan, as it is most commonly known…’

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