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Enough Said

by | 27th, July 2005

‘THE “Daily Telegraph can reveal” that one of the four suspects in the attempted bombings in London last week spent time in prison.

Where is Said?

That’s a lovely turn of phrase, isn’t it. There’s more than a suggestion that the Telegraph has in some way broken the story that Muktar Said Ibrahim (aka Muktar Mohammed Said) did time for mugging. A story produced through investigative reporting and much delving.

Hey, the paper might even have been tipped the wink by the authorities, you know, the men in shiny suits, the spooks who use the Telegraph as their private notice board.

Only, all the papers have the same story; and the Times tells its readers early in the piece that Said was identified not by reporters and the cops but by his parents.

Indeed, the bigger news is the Times’s lead story that after the failed attack at least three of the bombers were seen entering a London flat the terrorists has been using as a “bomb factory”. It’s possible that they returned to pick up more bombs.

Where they are now is not known, but it’s believed they are alive and being sheltered by supporters in London.

Which leads to the Times’s chilling headline: “Ready to strike again.” Indeed, it would be foolish not to expect another attack.

But what of Said’s parents? Anyone seeking to group all Muslims as one, should listen to what they have to say: “We are a peaceful family, having lived in this country since 1990.” The Times says the family spoke of their shock at their son and condemned his actions.

Right they do. Progress in catching the bombers and eradicating their threat needs help from the Muslim community. It is time to speak out…’

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