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Just Desserts

by | 29th, July 2005

‘THE Sun says that Johnny Depp, star of the movie Charlie And The Chocolate Factory, loves sticky toffee pudding. He just “can’t get enough”.

‘Oompa Loompa doompadee doo, I’ve got a gin and tonic for you’

“I love sticky toffee pudding from London,” says Depp. “In some cruel way I’ve become dependent on it.”

Oh dear. Depp had best take care. It’s a slippery slope from London sticky toffee pudding, and soon Depp could be munching on a sticky toffee pudding from Essex, sticky toffee pudding from Belfast and wind up sitting in his stained vest on a sink estate eating sticky toffee pudding from Glasgow.

But at least is he does get hungry, he’s able to turn to his Oompa Loompa sidekick, the celebrity chef Antony Worrell Thompson, and invite him to whip up his favourite dessert.

And there is Thompson in the Express, seen suitably attired in chef’s whites, whipping up something creamy in a metal bowl.

And he stops to tell us that when dining out we should watch what we eat.

For instance, gin and tonic is not always what it claims to be, and Wozza says that when he was young waiter he noted how the customer was given just tonic and the rim of the glass was rubbed with gin.

Other dodges of the catering game are revealed by the likes of Gordon Ramsay, who tells us that describing fish as “line caught” gives the impression that it is wild, and so more expensive. But it’s just as likely to be inferior farmed fish, or f***ing farmed f*** fish, as Ramsay might put it.

So take care when eating out. That kebab may not be 100 per cent pure lamb. That alcopop may contain traces of colourful additives. And as for that jumbo sausage… Well, have you seen the chef’s pet cocker spaniel recently..?’

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