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by | 4th, August 2005

‘THERE are few things that Cherie Blair won’t do to boost the family coffers, but thankfully so far that doesn’t include topless modelling.

Cherie denies she’s cashed in on her looks

In fact, the Prime Minister’s wife’s breasts are the exclusive preserve of her husband and whichever crystal-wearing, mantra-chanting back-scrubbing charlatan she is showering with these days.

But the Telegraph reports that the First Lady may face a Parliamentary inquiry after Conservative complaints that she is cashing in on her husband’s position.

In June this year, for instance, Mrs B earned £20,000 for a lecture in Washington in which she talked about her triple life as a mother, barrister and prime ministerial consort.

And of course in 2003, she famously played her own version of supermarket sweep in a Melbourne clothes shop.

Shadow leader of the Commons, Chris Grayling, says that, although the code of conduct does not cover spouses, the Blairs were clearly acting in breach of its spirit.

And Sir Alistair Graham, chairman of the committee on standards in public life, said that although he couldn’t investigate individual cases he did favour a review of the code itself.

As a top barrister, however, Mrs Blair is likely to mount a spirited defence of her position.

“I am not superwoman…sniffle…sniffle…”’

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