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Send Him Bakri

by | 8th, August 2005

‘THE Telegraph puts on its mortar board, flexes its cane and educates us via its front page that the last person to be hanged for treason in the UK was Lord Haw Haw, the Nazi propagandist, who was officially killed in 1946.

‘The next plane to Syria is boarding at Traitor’s Gate in Heathrow Terminal 3’

And this is important news on the day the paper says that Islamic extremists living in Britain, they who glory in suicide attacks on the country, could face charges of treason.

The paper says that officers at Scotland Yard will meet the head of the anti-terrorism department at the Crown Prosecution Service, the body broadly responsible for deciding which criminal cases reach court, to discuss which charges could be brought against they who laud terrorism.

This is not only big news for the paper, but should be an interesting wake-up call for our old pal Omar Bakri, Abu Uzair (“The banner has been raised for jihad inside the UK…it’s allowed for the bombers to attack!”) and Abu Izzadeen (“I have no allegiance to the Queen whatsoever or to British society”).

But before the trio get too excited about any prospect of their impending martyrdom, they should know that they are more likely to be deported than offed – the death penalty for treason was abolished in 1998.’

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