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Big Bother

by | 11th, August 2005

‘EVEN the most ardent Big Brother avoider cannot have failed to spot ex-contestant Orlaith McAllister’s surgically-enhanced chest.

‘Makosi supposi her tosie is rosie’

And for those of you with a fetish for breasts the size and texture of two small car fog lights, there’s Orlaith prancing about on a beach in Mallorca.

We should also point out that at no time does skinny Orlaith appear to notice that she’s topless or being photographed by the Star’s mobile phone camera.

She affects an air of nonchalance, of the type reserved for catalogue models who at the very moment of having their picture taken notice something deeply fascinating just off to the right of the shot.

In another picture, Orlaith varies the theme and looks down to the water, like she’s seen a large cod float past, or, given that this is the Spanish Med, a fresh human turd.

But in looking away Orlaith might have caught sight of the Sun’s front page and the news that Big Brother’s Makosi is a “BIG CON”.

The Sun can sensationally” reveal that the housemate is an “ACTRESS”. Zimbabwe-born Makosi is, as a showbiz website advertises, “an actress, presenter, compere and dancer”.

The paper say she’s on the books of a talent agency called Envenio, said to have invoiced the makers of Big Brother for £609.68 – which works out at around not very much per hour of her time.

This is all a “devastating blow” to the ordinary people who tried and failed to get on the show. It has been alleged Makosi was handpicked for the programme and fast-tracked through the auditions, a claim that Endemol, the firm that makes the show, denies.

It’s hard to know what to believe. And only when Makosi comes out of the house and makes clean breast of it to the world will we know for sure…’

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