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by | 12th, August 2005

‘OF course, the real question that lies at the heart of any debate on terror is what impact it has on house prices.

‘It’s a minute’s walk from the dole office’

Amazingly, the Mail today fails to make the link between a bomb falling in Iraq and a compact and bijou bungalow in Melton Mowbray.

However, it does bring some news that will surely gladden its readers and create a feeling of general well being and joy in anyone who reads it.

If this story was a song it would be Vera Lynne singing about houses on the south coast that offer to-die-for views of the white cliffs of Dover.

And we care enough about you to pass by the Mirror’s story of what Kiera Knightly looks for in a man – “a man with good shoes” – and how Peter Doherty celebrated getting back with Kate Moss by buying her a diamante-encrusted lace thong, to tell you that the country’s biggest chain of estate agents is losing money.

Oh, be still our beating hearts. Dry those eyes. Laughter really is the best medicine. And its hard not to feel better about the world when we read that Countryside has run up loses of £6.4 million. Oh, and that’s only for the first six months of the year.

For those of you shaking too much with the hilarity of is all to read the paper for yourself, let us tell you that the firm has blamed the fall on a slump in consumer confidence at the end of 2004.

While we who know, blame the war on terror…’

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