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Logan’s Run

by | 16th, August 2005

‘“A MERE three weeks ago, TV soccer presenter Gabby Logan was roughly the shape of a football,” says the Mail informatively.

‘The nanny’s taking the kids for a walk and I feel great’

But now with her twin babies born, Gabby’s figure has popped back into shape, or, to keep with the football theme, had a puncture.

And that is nothing short of the best news we’ve heard for an age. Good old Gabby.

But how did she regain her figure? Was it a diet of carrots, strawberries and seven grains of raw rice for lunch? Or can we attribute the look to the miracle of good underwear and, let it not be unsaid, the photographers magic airbrush?

None of it. Gabby’s slim figure is all down to her genes and exercise. “I am one of those lucky people who loves working out,” says Gabby.

But her good fortune doesn’t end with the ability to spend an hour or more in a sweaty, stinking gym running on the spot while an instructor high on endomorphines urges her to keep time with the Crazy Frog megamix being blasted into her ears.

As luck has it, Gabby has a nanny to push the gigantic double pram while she walks alongside holing a dog on a leash. Nanny acts as a kind of pacemaker, striding on out, giving Gabby a moving, rolling target to keep up with.

Women who want to get like Gabby are not told how much nanny costs, but the Mail does reveals that the pram, the Emmaljunga twin Crossway in Sport Safari, costs £800.

But not to worry if you can’t afford one of those – similar results can be had by keeping step with a small family hatchback, or a pre-birth Gabby…’

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