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Pointer Of No Return

by | 18th, August 2005

‘IT might be the Silly Season, that time of year when editors take a break from mad mullahs and cautionary tales on how foreigners can give you cancer to take to their Tuscan villas, and for the Daily Star to relocates to Faliraki, but there is still serious news to be told.

Ahmed, Yuri and Svetlana knew it was their only chance of making it to the UK

Though deprived of having their name in print, one “Daily Mail Reporter” has worked tirelessly to bring to the world the story of Mears, the abandoned puppy.

It seems not every British tourist spends their holidays getting high on hooch, flashing the locals their spotty white bits and puking, and the story of how Nicola Cooksley (cruelly described in the caption beneath her photo as “touched”) is more refreshing than a bucket of iced Mai Tai thrown over your T-shirt on a hot day in Zante.

While on holiday in the Azores, Nicola and husband Jonathan were enjoying a ten-mile trek on the island of Sao Miguel. And that’s when they saw a scrawny five-month-old Portuguese pointer.

“He followed us as we walked round the mountain,” says Nicola. “We just couldn’t get rid of him.”

And after trying to shake him off by battling through undergrowth and even wading waist-deep through a lake’s inlets, the couple stopped. They gave the dog some of their snacks and decided to take him home to Dorchester with them.

So they forked out £4,000 for vet’s fees, immigration forms, a flight and a kennel, where he will live until he’s legally released in February and to where Nicola makes a 30-mile journey each day.

It’s the kind of story that any Mail reader just loves to hear, as a desperate creature is rescued from a life of scavenging and despair by caring Brits.

Or politically correct, woolly liberal do-gooders as they’re known for the rest of the year, and so much more besides if the rescued creature is an asylum-seeking human…’

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