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As The Crowe Flies

by | 22nd, September 2005

‘IN case you didn’t know Russell Crowe is busy promoting the film Cinderella Man, in which he plays a boxer.

‘Careful you don’t get a nasty splash, me hearties’

Crowe has taken the role to heart and has been accused of talking with his fists and throwing his weight around at a hotel in New York. And that he didn’t fight all that fair, lacing his gloves with a telephone for added punch.

Now the Enquirer says the priggish actor has been throwing his weight around in Venice, unleashing his “berserk-o-bully-boy rage” on a gondolier.

From a bell hop to a singing Italian man in a straw hat, “Croww-Magnon” knows no fear.

Look on in awed wonder as the water taxi on which Crowe is travelling to a canal-side eatery for dinner accidentally clunks into the dock.

This is a trifle for the man who gave a bravura performance as Captain Jack Aubrey in Master and Commander. If playing a boxer turns Crowe into a brawler, then surely acting on a boat has made a sailor of the man?

ER, it seems not. And when the water sprayed Russell’s shirt, the story goes that he went berserk.

The gondolier apologised. But Crowe wasn’t listening. “You’re stupid…you #*&$#@%IDIOT!” yelled the actor.

Thankfully (phew!) that was it, and Crowe resisted the urge to throw the rapscallion into the waters or have him flogged. Or have him fed to the lions in the Colosseum…’

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