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Rolling Back The Years

by | 4th, October 2005

‘IF you are what you eat, might it be that Mick Jagger should go easier on the prunes?

Better rolling oats than stones

We address the question not to the slim-hipped singer, but to his current beau, the high-haired and leggy L’Wren Scott.

Before answering she pauses, as befits a woman with an apostrophe in her name, and tells us that on the contrary, Mick and the rest of his gang of Rolling Stones should eat a still healthier diet. As the Express says on its front page, L’Wren even wants Keith Richards to stop smoking.

This might sound entirely sensible, but we are forced to point out that smoking is a way to preserve meat, and if Richards stops lighting up, he may suddenly ripen and quickly go off.

Better, perhaps, if L’Wren has a word with George Best, who, as the Sun says, has a diet that has taken him from bar to intensive care.

“He’s pressed the self-destruct button and he knows he’s killing himself,” says a friend. “It’s sad to see him spiral downwards so fast – but it’s no great surprise to anyone.”

Best, who suffers from alcoholism, has a severe kidney infection. He had a liver transplant in 2002 but he failed to give up the demon drink.

Another friend of Best’s tells the Sun that the former footballer was downing ten bottles of wine in a single session.

We wish Best well, and a speedy recovery. And our sympathies go out to the family of the donor whose liver was given to such a lost cause and to the surgeons who gave their time and efforts to protect Best’s health.

And realise that the pickling effects of alcohol are not to everyone’s tastes…’

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