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by | 7th, October 2005

‘WE’D like to thank Meryl Streep for taking such good care of Renée Zellweger since the Chicago actress split from country music star Kenny Chesney.

The Enquirer says that Renée spoke at length with Streep after filing for an annulment from Chesney, citing fraud

The details of this alleged fraud are not revealed, but we are told how moments after marrying, the happy couple realised they weren’t so happy after all.

“Renée’s marriage was over right after the wedding,” say the Enquire, telling readers how things turned sour when she “surprised” him.

One day after the marriage, Chesney was on his tour bus ready to hit the road when his wife “suddenly” hopped on board. And after a few hugs and kisses, Chesney became tired of the scene.

Having, as is reported, tripped over her stuff, Chesney snapped and told Renée to pack up most of her gear. He then ordered one of his staff to ship it off back to her home.

Renée wasn’t best pleased. She told him so. The couple fought. Renée decided to join her bags and left.

The rest is so many returned wedding gifts, shattered dreams and long phone calls to Streep.

And a party. Well, this is Hollywood, and a marriage that lasts a full 24 hours is a cause for celebration…’

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