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Ravy Davy

by | 13th, October 2005

‘THE question of whether or not Tory leadership hopeful David Cameron has ever taken illegal drugs features in the Telegraph

While William Hague ordered ten pints, Ken wooed the yoof vote

The story began last weekend, when Cameron told the BBC: “I did a lot of things before I came into politics that I shouldn’t have done.” One of these things may have been taking drugs.

Cameron isn’t telling. But why not? An interesting drugs history might play well for this young moderniser keen to woo the youth vote.

Perhaps Cameron’s worried about how a confession would be received by the Tory members, on whose support his leadership campaign is reliant?

But what of his competitors? David Davis has denied ever taking drugs. Liam Fox has done the same. But Cameron has yet to make this point clear.

Cameron says there should be no “McCarthyite” inquisition of the candidates. Not all areas of their private lives should be open to public scrutiny.

But what of Kenneth Clarke? He likes a cigarette and a pint, so why not a spliff?

Before addressing a meeting organised by the so-called 92 Group of right-wing, Euro-Sceptic MPs, Clarke fielded a question from Mark Pritchard, Tory MO and supporter of clean Davis.

Has Ken ever taken hard drugs? “If anybody is interested,” says Ken, “I did not take cocaine.”

That’s clear enough. Although he didn’t mention crack, speed or heroin. Which may make some elements of the press begin to wonder…’

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