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by | 17th, October 2005

‘EACH week the papers scour the land for signs of “political correctness gone mad”. And today the Sun comes up trumps.

Special needs individual

“BUNCH OF DOPEYS,” says the paper’s front page. “PC brigade ban Snow white panto dwarfs.”

The PC brigade is not a single unit but comprised of all manner of do-gooders and woolly liberals. And the news is that having done for conker fights, school sports days and Gollywogs, the brigade has launched an offensive on pantomimes.

Imagine the surprise when Kent’s Coxheath Players were told that they could not use the world “dwarf” in the show Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

The group sent off for scripts from a publishers in Northampton; and when the scripts arrived the cast and crew noticed something amiss. The show is now called Snow White. Dwarfs have been expunged.

The little people are known as “guardians of the forest” or “gnomes” And Bashful, the “vertically challenged person with special confidence needs”, has become Basher.

Cue show director Karen Birkbeck: “It smacks of political correctness.” And the troupe’s Ray Lionet: “It’s madness.” And surely it is.

But it sounds like the director and her cast have fluffed their lines. The correct phrase is, as ever it was: “It’s political correctness gone mad”.

Anything else is straying from the newspaper’s script, and represents an alarming break with tradition…’

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