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Stats Amazing!

by | 22nd, October 2005

‘ALMOST nine in ten of us know that that 98 per cent of statistics are made up.

Numbers can be made to prove anything – that the Spice Girls were a better band than The Clash, that per TV-owning home EastEnders is more popular with Angolans than it is with Londoners and that Al Gore beat George Bush to the US Presidency.

Now here are some more numbers – taken from last week’s news – that might prove something, or nothing…

0 – In the past 12 years no police officer has been successfully prosecuted for any of the 30 fatalities caused by police marksmen

16 – If we live to be 78, we’ll have enjoyed orgasms for 16 hours –that’s “2.02 seconds of eyeball rolling delight every day,” says the Sun

33 – The average Briton consumes 33 teaspoons of sugar a day – or 132grams

42 – A study of 289 fertilised eggs from 22 couples under 30 found that 42 per cent had abnormalities

100 – We will have to wait 100 years for the “TRUTH” (Express) in the investigation into Princess Diana death to be made public

700 – A SA80 assault rifle can fire can fire 700 rounds a minute – such a weapon was lost by a soldier on an exercise in the Brecon Beacons

1,300 – It cost Anthony Sutch £1,300 to change five light bulbs at his church, St Beccles, Norfolk

5,400 – The European Court of Human Rights awarded former soldier Thomas Roche £5,400 in damages for being used as a guinea-pig in experiments with mustard gas at Porton Down in the 1960s

6,000 – The number of empty seats for Manchester United’s home game against Lille in the Champions League

6,000 – The value of the mountain bike given to President Bush by a cycle firm, complete with United States of America seal under the handlebars

25,000 – Victoria Beckham spent £25,000 on making her ten most prominent gnashers look whiter and brighter

3,000,000 – Coutts, the Queen’s bank, says to have any chance of social credibility you must be a thrillionaire

78,000,000 – The trial of Saddam Hussein will cost America £78 million

1,200,000,000 – Philip Green awarded himself Britain’s biggest bonus of £1.2bn

2,400,000,000 – There is a haul of £2.4 billion of Lottery money sitting unused in distributors coffers’

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