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by | 22nd, October 2005


Her loss

The only Kerry we know is Kerry Katona. And like her, we are surprised to read on the front page of OK! about her pregnancy.

And there it is again inside OK!: “MY PREGNANCY SURPRISE!”

“It’s been reported that I’m pregnant,” says Kerry. Yes, we know, we just read about it on the cover of OK!. So…

“Surprise, surprise – it’s complete rubbish.” What d’yer mean rubbish? “It’s just because I was wearing dungarees – so don’t start knitting the booties yet!”

Too late! We have started and we have finished. And what’s more, we’ve knitted Kerry a full range of maternity wear, a pram, a car seat and several packets of formula milk.

Now the whole lot will have to be unravelled. Or sent to someone else.

Perhaps Katie Holmes would like it – although what she and Tom Cruise would do with a knitted tongue warmer is best left well alone…’

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