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by | 24th, October 2005

‘THE London bombs were awful. But Londoners are made of stern stuff and with stiff upper lips – and a congestion charge scheme and renegade traffic wardens that make any alternative route into work prohibitively expensive for all but the richest – got back on the Tube.

‘Don’t worry, Cherie. The doors are coated in Teflon’?’

We are not afraid. And neither is Cherie Blair. Not that she has any reason to be frightened – because since the September 11 attack on New York she’s been going about the place in an armoured car.

As the Telegraph reports, Cherie is the first Prime Minister’s spouse to receive a Government car, a fortified Vauxhall Omega. And to save her from plummeting down a pothole or having to watch the road and look out for insurgents at the same time, she’s got a driver, too.

At a cost to the British taxpayer of a mere £50,000 a year, taking Cherie to the gym and the shops in safety is certainly value for money.

But this might not be enough. So we call on the Government to give the family Blair a Challenger 2 people carrier without fail.

And while we’re at it, let’s get little Leo the bullet-proofed Saxon Armoured Personnel Carrier he and his nanny so urgently need…’

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