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A Has Bin

by | 26th, October 2005

‘THERE was a time when no TV awards bash was complete without Ulrika Jonsson.

‘What do you think of it so far?’ ‘Rubbish!’

But as her chest fell so too did her career. And today we do not see poor Ulrika at the Royal Albert Hall collecting her award for best former weather girl in a dress, but at the foot of the Mail’s page 3.

Beneath the news that a very pregnant Penny Lancaster now seems even bigger than her lover Rod Stewart, is the story of how Ulrika “rubbished her disintegrating marriage”.

Ulrika has split from love-of-her-life Lance, and is now free to tell the world what she thinks of him.

“The best thing about being married is definitely having someone who puts the rubbish out on a Wednesday night,” says Ulrika. “It’s the only thing I can think of. It’s very handy and if you weren’t married you’d have to do it yourself.”

But surely she jests. Lance must have had more uses than a glorified bin man? For one thing, marriage to a man gets you into the pages of showbiz magazines. And what can be more vital to Ulrika’s being than that..?’

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