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by | 28th, October 2005

‘DID you know that Tony Blair claimed £16,417 on expenses last year for accommodation?

Davies – as he might appear on a stamp

Did you also know that he lives at No.10 Downing Street, a grace-and-favour home for which he pays no rent?

How Tony pulled this off we don’t know. The Telegraph doesn’t go into details, it just delivers the facts.

And some other notable facts are that MPs were paid over £80million last year to cover their expenses. The total amount paid between April 2004 and March 2005 was just short of £3million more than the previous year.

In all, MPs claimed an average of £122,678 in expenses.

The Telegraph produces a set of Top 10 lists, showing who spent the most and who the least.

The highest spender was Geraint Davies, the then Labour MP for Croydon Central, who charged £176,026. This included a whopping £38,750 for postage.

Compare that to the £0 claimed for stamps and envelopes by the likes of Michael Portillo and John Hume, and Davies was either a prolific letter writer or in the habit of posting bricks, iron ore and other heavy objects.

Heavy objects like his expenses sheet…’

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