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by | 31st, October 2005

‘AH, the Christmas party. It’s that time of year when the girl in accounts gives the boss a rise, the photocopier gets the bum’s rush and everyone dances to Hi-Ho Silver Lining.

Joyce knew Alan kept the keys to the stationery cupboard on him. But where?

But news is that such dos are things of the past. As the Mail explains, a survey by law firm Peninsular says up to 80 per cent of employers will not organise a company party this year.

As Mike Huss, an employment law specialist at the firm, explains: “Unfortunately, the combination of employees enjoying themselves and alcohol can turn sour, with the boss having to sort out the mess on a Monday morning.”

Almost two thirds of the 3,500 employers polled said they had sacked a staff member because of their behaviour at the Christmas bash. And 90 per cent say there is always a complaint of harassment after the do.

And it’s not just in the office the party’s over. As the Mirror reports, police in Newcastle have launched an anti-drunk campaign of just that name. The Party’s Over programme sees police locking up drunks before they get into trouble.

The “total policing” has led to an 18 per cent fall in serious assaults and a nine per cent reduction in minor arrests.

Says Northumbria Chief Constable Mike Craik: “We knew that being drunk played a big part in people getting into fights…by locking them up before that stage, we have been able to cut disorder dramatically and lower the volume of assaults.”

Little wonder Hazel Blears, the Home Office Minister, calls the scheme “brilliant”.

But it could be better. And we look forward to day when everyone is arrested at birth and held until they are either too old to drink, or Christmas has been cancelled…’

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