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Madam Hussein

by | 31st, October 2005

‘YOU know how it is. The phone bill is full of calls made to premium rate numbers operated by “Aural Annie”.

‘And then I’s gonna spank yer ass’

“No,” you say to your partner or parent. “This wasn’t me. My phone was, er, stolen ages ago. Phone sex lines, eh. How sad is that?!”

Now read in the Times of the £500,000 phone bill the Foreign Office has received for one of its satellite phones used by British diplomats in Baghdad.

The phone was not stolen, and Foreign Office narks are working out who used it. Problem is that it was sent to the embassy in the Iraqi capital for general use, so no single person was responsible for it.

But over in the Telegraph, the phone is said to have belonged to an unnamed British diplomat, and that it was stolen.

And what’s more, the nature of the calls suggests that the thieves might have used the phone to contact terrorist networks.

If true, any itemised bill should make for more than a useful read for Britain’s spooks keen to nab the terrorists.

Terrorists now known to operate under such cunning code names as “Desert Rose”, “Madam Hussein” and “Easy (bin) Laden”…’

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