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Not The Ticket

by | 1st, November 2005

‘SUCH is the high price of a train ticket it’s a wonder any passengers have enough cash left over for a cup of water, let alone a crate of lager to binge on.

But at least it’s full

But things are about to change. The price of hooch remains high, but the cost of a making a trip is coming down.

The Times reports that South West trains, Britain’s biggest train company, is all set to follow the lead of budget airlines and offer trips for as little as £1.

Instead of paper tickets, passengers will receive a confirmation number by text message or email. They will show this virtual ticket to the guard, who may or may not be real.

As the Times says, this will end the custom of looking on as your train pulls way from the station while you stand in line waiting to buy a ticket.

Not that you’ll be waiting in line for long for these cheaper fares – they won’t be available for morning and evening peak services, the most popular times for travel.

But passengers willing to travel outside these times can take advantage of the new scheme. Or just hide in the toilet and feign sleep or death when the inspector comes round, like they always have done…’

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