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Black Looks

by | 1st, November 2005

‘WHEN she’s not flogging easy credit on TV, Kate Winslet is shrinking. The big star is, as the Mail says she is: “The incredible shrinking Kate.”

‘Is it ‘coz I is in black?’

The paper looks on as Winslet arrives at the New York premier of her latest film Jarhead. And her appearance has got everyone talking.

“What has happened to the ‘take me as I come girl’ whose sexy curves were as much her signature as her peaches and cream complexion?” says one onlooker.

These Americans really do like to talk. A British stargazer might have simply said, “She’s lost weight”, but in America words come easy.

And here are some more comments from the crowd. “It’s a shame she has felt compelled to conform to the mould of all Hollywood’s leading ladies and lose those curves.”

But we shouldn’t be too quick to judge. As the Mail’s shots of Winslet show, the actress is wearing a skintight black lace dress.

Yes, black. That’s the colour proved by scientists to make you look slimmer. It says so on the Express’s front page.

To illustrate this breakthrough, the Express shows two pictures of Charlotte Church. In one, she’s wearing a satin gown that makes her look ample enough to win the Rear of The Year title for the nest five years.

In the other picture, Church is dressed in black. Her figure has been minimised. Those “brainy boffins” at New Scientist magazine are right. Darker fabrics do make it harder to see those unsightly bulges.

Might it be that Winslet has done a Church and hidden her fleshier bits beneath so much black, the colour palette’s equivalent of an airbrush?

We cannot be certain. But you can bet the Mail will keep watching Winslet until it finds out…’

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