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Mr & Mrs

by | 2nd, November 2005

‘EVER since Brad Pitt met Angelina Jolie the papers have been full of rumour and speculation.

‘Got the rings?’

But now we have what Americans like to call closure. As the Star’s front-page headline screams: “BRAD AND ANGELINA WED IN SECRET.”

To prove the validity of its scoop, the Star produces a picture of Ange in a white wedding dress and veil and Brad standing to her side dressed in a smart suit and a buttonhole.

It’s traditional wedding attire, although not necessarily for the Buddhist ceremony that united the A-list twosome.

Nor is such a do all that official. As a “Hollywood source” tells the Star: “They exchanged vows in a Buddhist ceremony – which isn’t legally binding – but in Brad’s eyes, they’re married.”

So, as the sources say, he’s taken to wearing a gold wedding band. And Ange’s been speaking about Brad being her “husband”.

How much of this is true, we cannot be certain. The problem with secret wedding ceremonies is that they are secret, making it hard to establish the facts.

But not to worry, because if you missed the wedding this time, and weren’t among the “few family and friends” lucky enough to score an invite, you will get your chance to see the official wedding sometime soon.

As a source tells the Star, it won’t be too long before the couple legally marry in the States.

Even if they’re already married in the Star…’

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