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Babes In The (Holly)Wood

by | 3rd, November 2005

‘OR else Britney could buy an Emily’s Celebration of Life Doll, as featured in the National Enquirer magazine. It’s yours for just £21.50.

Baby Sean

Emily is “So Truly Real”, featuring “Real Touch vinyl” skin, hand-applied hair and delicate eyelashes. She’s like a little Dolly Parton, only more real.

“Pick her up and hold her,” says the advert. “You’ll swear you’re cuddling a real baby… And when you look into her shining eyes, you’ll feel a real tug of emotion”.

It’s no lie. Just reading about this doll brings a lump to the throat.

So we urge Hollywood moms to get one these dolls. Demi Moore might well want a little Ashton, as the Enquirer reports, but why not try a little Emily for size first?

This baby is like Sean Spear-Federline without the stretchmarks, the hormones and the cracked nipples. And if your husband leaves, you can legally throw Emily after him…’

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