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by | 8th, November 2005

‘CAST your mind back and try to remember why it was you wanted the Tories out in 1997?

Lord Falconer once shared a flat with Tony Blair

You liked Tony? Who didn’t. Who wanted more women MPs? Didn’t we all. You were a fan of D:Ream? You’re only human.

But the strongest reason was surely that you wanted to hurt the Tories. You’d had enough of their sleaze. You needed a rest from all that illicit shagging.

But now sleaze is back. There it is on the Times’s front page: “Sleaze row as election donors get peerages.”

The paper says that the millionaires who donated cash to the Labour and Tory election campaigns are in line for knighthoods.

The Times has seen the forthcoming list of 28 working peers, and notes the inclusion of Sir David Garrard and Sir Gulum Noon, each of whom made donations of in excess of £200,000 to the Labour Party.

Over in the blue rinse corner, Robert Edmiston, who gave the Tories £250,000 last year, and Jonathan Marland, who gave the party £50,000, are, as the paper says, in line for gongs.

It all pongs as badly as David Mellor’s old Chelsea kit after a session with Antonia de Sancha. And Martin Bell, the former MP for Tatton and ardent anti-sleaze campaigner, doesn’t like the smell much.

“The sale and purchase of peerages has reached a level, I would say, not known since the time of Lloyd George. This brings politics into disrepute… How can people trust their politicians?”

There is no easy answer to that. And perhaps the only way to really know how the system works is to make a donation and see what happens.

Although be warned, there seems to be an unofficial threshold of donations of about £250,000, and anything less could result in disappointment, or you becoming Lord Broadwater Farm or something equally less glamorous…’

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