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Harry Spotter

by | 10th, November 2005

‘A POX on Harry Potter and his legion of adult fans.

Spot the difference

Ooer. We had no idea we too had the magic touch. We are unsettled to read in the Sun that the boy Potter has fallen under our spell.

It’s “Harry Potter”, says the Sun, as it zooms in on the boy wizard’s pimply face. “ACNE FOR DANIEL AS PARTIES TAKE TOLL ON WIZARD.”

Poor Daniel Radcliffe. Growing up’s hard without a snapper taking photos of your spotty face for a national paper.

And to have people comment on those zits must be awful. People like the “onlooker” who tells the paper: “He looked a long way from the fresh-faced young wizard in the films. He just needs a few early nights.”

And a spell with the make-up artist…’

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