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Strap Hanging

by | 12th, November 2005

‘THERE’S safety in numbers. That’s why the papers love them. Here are some things we learned last week…

1 – Maaten van den Bergh is, according to the Times Power 100 survey, the most powerful man in British business. He’s the chairman of Lloyds TSB, and a non-executive director of BT, British Airways and Shell

3 – A poll by the British Heart Foundation found that more than one in three children aged between 8 and 14 don’t know what chips are made from. “It sends shivers down my spine to discover that so many children don’t even know what chips are made of,” says the BHS dramatically.

7 – Prince William showed he is even smarter than his brother by scoring seven out of ten in a test at Sandhurst. In the same test Harry scored four

7.2 – Gibson the Great Dane is the tallest tog in the world, standing 7ft 2in on his hind legs

40 – Venida Crabtree, 50, fanally passed her driving test after 40 attempts over a 33 year period

40-20-36 – Dolly Parton (those are her measurements) says when her breasts get too heavy to cart about she rests them on two bongo drums

50 – Fifty of the country’s top independent schools have been accused by the Office of Fair Trading of operating a fee-fixing cartel

50 – More than 50 per cent of secondary school pupils play truant from school in Education Secretary’s constituency of Bolton West

85.8 – Figures from the Office of National Statistics show that women living in Kensington and Chelsea, London, live the longest in the country – 85.8 years. The worst place in the UK is Glasgow where women average 76.4 years.

322 – Tony Blair’s Terrorism Bill was voted down by the Commons by 322 votes to 291

500 – While on stage at a Los Angeles charity event, a clasp on the back of Sharon Stone’s dress snapped. She auctioned the chance for one punter to step on stage and retie it. He paid $500 for the, er, honour.

5,000 – More than 5,000 serving police officers began legal action seeking compensation for the trauma they suffered during The Troubles in Northern Ireland

10,000 – Former Arsenal and England goalkeeper David Seaman, 42, raised £10,000 for charity by having his revolting ponytail cut off life on TV

12, 939 – A tooth said to be one of Napoleon Bonaparte’s was sold at auction to a British collector for £12,939

22,000 – Father of two Vic Moszczynski has spent 22,000 on Christmas lights to decorate his home

200,000 – Rapper P Diddy paid £200,000 to bling up his £14,000 van with a 32-inch TV, leather couch, mini bar, five smaller tellies, a fridge and some other must-have stuff

247,387 – David Sullivan has made his way the length of Britain from John O’Groats to Land’s End while hitting a golf ball. His 1,086-mile round took 70 days. He lost 293 balls on the way

300,000 – Each member of England’s squad for the World Cup in 2006 will receive up to £300,000 if the team wins the trophy

£460bn – the World Bank estimates the total cost of the world flu pandemic could cost £460bn – 2 per cent of global GDP’

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