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The Pain In Spain

by | 14th, November 2005

‘AH, yes, we remember it well. It was, after all, only last week that Kerry Katona and her fiancé Dave Cunningham were not breaking up.

She’ll be forgetting her tongue next

Although it was a mixed message. While OK! was inviting us to gaze upon the holiday engagement pictures of Kerry and the love of her life, the News of The World was telling us how Dave had dumped her.

The whole thing reminded us of that song from Gigi, the one where the old romantic remembers it well.

Now Kerry tells us that she has regained her memory. She now remembers it. She has indeed split from Dave.

And now she wants to tell us about it. It seems that the split occurred at the end of the couple’s holiday in Spain.

And it was a split not without pain. As luck had it, Max Clifford, the selfless do-gooder to the stars, was on hand to witness the whole thing.

Kerry and Dave were actually staying with Max. And one night the duo went out and got “tired an emotional”. Max says that Dave wanted to go home. Kerry wanted to stay out. “And when she said no, he grabbed her by the wrist to try to get her to leave with him. She said: ‘Dave let go, you’re hurting me. If you don’t let go I’ll whack you.”

Max goes on: “He didn’t so she whacked him. He tried to grab her round the shoulders and she fell on the floor.”

And then..? Well, Kerry hot-footed it to a spa in Cheshire. She had a “nice facial” and a “great massage”.

Kerry then had a Universal Contour Wrap, after which she discovered she’d lost two inches from her body. A worry since Kerry is not all that tall to start with.

She then had a manicure, a pedicure, another massage and a chat with the spa’s resident cosmetic surgeon about collagen implants and Botox.

Phew! With all that going on it’s little wonder she forgot she and Dave had had fight and split up…’

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