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Food Poisoning

by | 15th, November 2005

‘WHEN the Government banned smoking in pubs serving food, it forgot to look at the revolting grub routinely on offer in such places.

Before or after?

As we said at the time, it might just be that forgoing the revolting snot-like pile of cheese-coated nachos with a dessert of molten additives, salt and reconstituted wine gums in favour of a packet of fags, might keep you alive for longer.

Now we read in the Guardian that it costs the health service more to deal with poor dietary habits than smoking, which is around £1.5 billion.

A study, published in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health, produced by Mike Rayner and Peter Scarborough, from Oxford University’s department of public health, found a link between eating badly and falling victim to food poisoning, heart disease, stroke, diabetes, certain types of cancer and tooth decay.

Over in the Telegraph, we learn that children who are fed home-cooked meals are at lower risk of heart disease.

This is not to say all home-cooked food is good for you, and microwaving last-night’s take-away burgers for breakfast might not be the healthy option.

The trick is to make food from raw, fresh ingredients.

A study at the Cardiovascular Research and Education Foundation, in Wausau, Wisconsin, found that youngsters who ate home-cooked meals had more “good cholesterol” than those who ate out.

Dr Karen Olsen, who led the study, which investigated the eating habits of 621 American pupils aged seven to 17, says doctors are seeing “younger and younger patients with more aggressive cardiovascular disease”.

Ellen Mason, a spokesperson for the British Heart Foundation, is not surprised. As she tells the paper: “This appears to confirm our fears that our ever deepening love affair with convenience is causing major health problems for today’s children.”

But what to do? Eat more homemade food? Fine, so long as you don’t live in a Tennessee Fried Chicken shop. Eat out less? What’s wrong with the black cod at Nobu?

Or just ignore the advice, and pay as much attention to what you’re putting into your mouth as you do to surveys..?’

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