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Who Do You Think You Are

by | 17th, November 2005

‘WHAT do you get the man who has everything, although not a mistress, of course?


Buying a Christmas pressie for David Beckham is no easy thing. But Posh, ever the originator and creative thinker, has come up trumps. As the Sun says, she’s bought her Day-vid a book of Doctor Who screenplays.

The paper says Dayve is “completely obsessed” with the Timelord – perhaps Dayve wishes he too could travel back in time, say to about a minute before he met Rebecca Loos.

An insider takes up the story, as the couple browse the shelves of Harrods. “Victoria and David were shopping in Harrods for a couple of hours,” says the insider.

Oh. Go on… “Most of the staff were expecting her to spend a fortune on designer gear – but she only bought the Russell T Davies scripts.”

And…“She says he knew everything about it and never missed an episode in the last series.”

Good for him. But hold on a moment. Might it be that Dayve and Her Poshness are using the books for research? Christopher Ecclestone, who plays Dr Who, has just quit the show, and Billie Piper, who plays his sidekick Rose, has announced her intention to follow his lead.

Might it be that Dayve and Posh are rehearsing for their next big performance?

“BECKS-TERMINATE,” says the Sun’s headline. “The Daleks are comin’,” says Dayve. “Really?” asks Posh. “But I thought Geri and Liz were in Los Angeles..?”’

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