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Rooney With A View

by | 21st, November 2005

‘LOCK up your mothers and aunts, Wayne Rooney might be back on the prowl.

‘What’s a kitchen?’

The Sun’s front page (“ROO BEEN FRAMED”) brings into the cold light of day the story of Rooney and Emily Fountain.

Before we go on, we’d like to say that Emily is not some 48-year-old housewife who turns tricks in Liverpool, but a 20-year-old old brunette, a “personal assistant”, invited into the VIP area at the Odyssey Bar, Altrincham, Cheshire.

And that’s not the only part of the “swish” venue Emily got to see, as the Sun produces photos of her in the club’s less than salubrious kitchen.

Taken from CCTV footage, the pictures show Emily standing on her own in the dingy room, “giggling excitedly and adjusting her boobs”.

Then, accompanied by a huge bouncer, Rooney arrives. The minder spots the camera and covers the lens with a cloth.

And… Well, that’s what the paper would like to know. As will Rooney’s “long-suffering” girlfriend Coleen McLoughlin. She stuck by Rooney and his credit card when he confessed to having dallied with middle-aged tarts in August last year.

Now she’ll want to know what her man was doing with Emily for the 6 minutes and 22 seconds the CCTV camera remained covered up.

Just what did Rooney do in that brief period of time? Just what could anyone do? The Sun’s agony aunt, Deirdre Sanders, says that Rooney is “clearly a young man who cannot be trusted to stay faithful”.

The suspension is that he’s cheated on brave Coleen. And if so, what will she do? How will she make Rooney pay..?’

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