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by | 22nd, November 2005

‘TO our mind anyone who goes to the gym, to run on the spot for minutes at a time and to climb imaginary stairs, deserves whatever they get.

Gym membership is a privilege not a right

So we have little sympathy with Anthony Ward, who was told by an instructor at the council-run Horfield leisure centre that his armpits are a menace.

As the Guardian reports, Ward was asked to exchange his usual gym vest for a T-shirt because other users might be offended by the sight of his hairy pits.

As the gym goer explains: “I was wearing my vest because it is much cooler when I exercise. But the gym instructor said men had to wear T-shirts and not vests.

‘She said it was not nice for other people to see hairy armpits. To me, an armpit is just part of a human body. And if you can’t sweat at a gym where can you sweat?’

Perhaps he should think of relocating to Sudan, where it is often hot and, therefore, sweaty.

But sweaty pits are not only unsightly, they’re dangerous, too. As a spokeswoman for Bristol city council says: ‘When we are training staff, we ask them to advise people to wear T-shirts because sweat can damage the equipment.”

Which sounds reasonable enough. Who wants to sit on a sweaty seat as they peddle a bike nailed to the floor?

Who in their right mind would want to do that?’

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